Saturday, January 9, 2016

Bah Stan

I have to admit, this past week was pretty different than I had imagined it being. I honestly think that making the statement that I was going to run and making sure it was a known, helped a lot. There were a few others that wanted to get in a few runs and it made it easier for me. It made it something that I was a part of and not just doing.

1/5 - 4mi
I got into Boston with a little time to spare before our meetings started. Ate lunch and go going. Right after there was a group dinner. Thankfully there were a few of us who wanted to get a workout or run in post dinner, so as soon as it was over we hit the hotel gym.  Treadmills are rough. I've never been able to get more than a few miles on them. I envy the people who get on them for 10 miles. I feel like my pace on them is always a lot slower than it is outdoors. I don't know if it's the fact that I'm never on a good treadmill, or my legs are too long, or my form is off , don't know. I'm just glad I got it in though.

1/6 - 6mi am and 4mi pm 
So we got up and hit 6 in the am, this 6 was little rough for me to keep up with at 7:30. It felt good but the pace was a little high for me right now. Though I kept at it. Thankfully LG mentioned going for another 4 right after the meetings in the PM. After the run, it was nice to get into bed early. Normally I would have ended up going out and drinking  but instead I decided I was going to try to get in some miles in the am, so I called it a night after walking around to find something to eat.

1/7 - 10mi 
Knowing there was a holiday party tonight, I knew I had to get in some miles before work. So I got up early and ran out to the river for 10 miles. I tried to get myself to stay around 8/min and I did just that. Ended up with 8:01 overall between road crossings and stuff, that puts me a little under.

1/8 - 5mi (run) 4mi(jog/talk/walk)
At some point during the party Russ tapped me on the shoulder and said, tomorrow 7:15 we'll go run. LG, Russ and I met down stairs and took off. We got back just in time for a group run around the freedom trail.

The entire week went way better than I thought it would I was able to get out and run instead of hitting a bar and drinking. I ate way better than I thought I would, being that I was going to be in a car for 5 hours twice. I got WAY more miles than I thought I would.

More importantly, others joined. That's the part that I like the most about it. I run a lot alone and I love it. I'm for sure and introvert. I like being in my own head. Yes, I enjoy people, but all in all, I like being in my own head most of the time. I spent a long time not really liking who I was, and somewhere on a run, I got past that. It also helped a lot with sitting in meetings. Nomrmally I have a hard time sitting through dinner, but getting in a bunch of miles in the am settles my nerves and keeps me from feeling like a wound up rubber band.

I did take today off. I wanted to give myself a little bit to relax. I don't want to get injured and I put in a lot of road miles. That's the last damn thing I'd need is hurting myself right when I'm starting to feel good. Nichole and I sat down today and mapped out a run, that's something else that I really missed doing. We used to talk about routes, and new creative ways to come up with the distance we wanted. Those moments to us, are like other couples talking about a TV show.

So all in all, wasn't a bad week at all.

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