Thursday, December 31, 2015

Ready .... set....wait wait wait

Ok, so I didn't think I'd actually nervous about it. Truthfully it was kind of weird. I wrote last night, posted late, and was off to bed. Then I woke up to see people that I didn't think really followed anything I did, and were just "FB friends" not "friends IRL" commenting words of encouragement. I even got texts from people that ARE real life friends pretty much saying they gave a shit more than a like or a comment on FB and wanted to say good luck. Already have an invite to a run with a " no excuses " attached.

I thought by putting this out there at the very least I'd end up with a little bit of annoying from friends at work and it'd make me think twice about not running or skipping the gym. Turns out there's a pretty awesome thing that happens when you put yourself out there..... others do too. I've received few personal messages and texts about people wanting to follow either because they're on a journey themselves, or will be, or because they're too afraid to.

So in a way I'm pretty glad that I did.

So the benefit to the job I have is that it's a health company for the most part. For those of you reading that DON'T know what I do, I work for Spartan Race. Down side to that is 10+ hours a day on site, and a few off, then with travel, trying to get something to eat, and a solid night rest, running anything over 3 miles is a hard for me. Though, like I said yesterday I'm going to try to make it work as best as I can.

On the other hand, now I actually have to do something about this shit right? So ... the following are the rules

Run/work out regularly  - Have to have this gray area in here because honestly if I jumped back to where I was I'd hurt myself. So I need to get back into it in a smooth way, but without injury. Looks something like -
  • 5 days on 2 days off  - running 
  • 3-4 days at the gym 
  • 1 - 50 mile race within 6 months and work towards a time goal not just completion. 
  • 1 - 100mile race by EOY - under 24 hours. 
  • Sign up for multiple 5ks and 10ks 
  • Give myself practice "race days" when traveling. [ knowing that I can't actually sign up for a race while I'm gone, I can set myself up for a goal on a 5k at race pace and try to get it] 
  • Have to get down roughly 20lbs too. This won't be TOO hard, but  it's not going to be easy. 
NO BOOZE for 90days   - So this isn't a HUGE deal, but this is needed for me. Not because I have a "problem" but because usually what ends up happening is something like this. "Yeah I'll have drink" and then I'll order an appetizer that has something that I didn't REALLY want to eat. Then I might order another drink. Though at this point I'm thinking that I'll get up early and run it off. I don't want to start off that way. I don't want to give myself an excuse to "cheat" and then be able to work it off. Truthfully, that doesn't work for me. 

BIGGER reason, is running = stress relief, for me. So does booze. If I have a glass or 5 of wine at the end of a day, I'm much less likely to NEED to go for a run. Then what ends up happening is because it's not a HEALTHY stress relief. I end up needing that run more than anything. 

NO COFFEE for 90 days -  go big or go home right? This one has sat with me for a while. Ever since I started training for my first marathon. I LOVE me some coffee, like a  lot. I just want to see if I can chase some natural highs for a bit. I'm not giving anything up for keeps. Just want to see what happens if I take some crap out of my life for a little while. 

Those are the main points. Nichole and I are going to join the Y that's pretty close so we can get in some work outs. I've started to plan out some runs for the next few weeks. I've also taken a page out of some one else's book and given myself some goals. First one .. lose 10 lbs and I get to buy myself a new running pack the UltrAspire Alpha 2.0..... 

- fatass signing out. - 

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